Glass Laminating Autoclaves Used in the Production of Laminated Flat Glass, Bullet Proof Glass and Auto Glass
Akarmak is operating the production of glass laminating autoclaves which is a critical element for the process in the production of flat laminated glass, bullet proof glass and auto glass. Autoclaves can be produced as customer-specific according to different diameters, lengths and glass installations. Different solutions from auto glass laminating autoclave in small size to flat glass laminating autoclave in jumbo size are offered to customers. Our autoclave can be offered to customers with turnkey solutions in a way to include components such as autoclave glass loading vehicles, vacuum systems, cooling units, air compressor systems together with easy-to-use advanced control systems.
Akarmak autoclaves can be be certified with international standards such as CE, ASME, EAC (GOST), and the autoclaves are certificated by certification organizations known in the world such as TUV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers
Special solutions for architectural Flat and Convex Glass, Bullet Proof Glass and Automobile Glass sector
- 150 C operating temperatures
- Operating pressure at 15 bar
- Standard autoclaves whose glasses can be made up to 1700x3210 mm and 3210x8000 mm in sizes.
- Operating diameters between 0,35 m and 5 m
- Operating length between 0,75 m and 20 m
-Design and production in EN13445 , ASME Sec VIII, EAC (GOST) standards
-PLC and SCADA control
-Flexible solutions with user-friendly software
-Instruction control and reporting
-Heating with electricity or gas
-Product temperature control
-Manual or fully automatic door control system
-Pressurization with air
-Heat efficiency and heat control with high quality heat insulation
-Optimum air circulation system
- Highly safe bayonet closure system
- Heating and cooling coil systems providing maintainability and ease of use
-Economic and smart valve systems
-Project-specific loading systems, trolleys and bridges
-Turnkey solutions with compressor, cooling systems