Medical waste sterilization system with pre and post shredding autoclave methods

Akarmak, founded in 1990, manufactures autoclaves and pressure vessels for various industries including Composite Materials, Glass, Tire Retreading - Rubber Vulcanization, Building Materials, and Medical Waste Sterilization (MWS). As for the MWS, Akarmak is capable of providing turn-key and boutique solutions for every customers’ needs. Akarmak is the only company in the world offering comprehensive sterilization systems in both pre-shredded and post-shredded MWS systems as turnkey solutions to its customers. We offer various capacity sterilization systems, smaller capacity equipment (50 kg/h and 100 kg/h) for hospitals, and bigger capacity (300kg/h to 1000kg/h) for medical waste disposal plants. Please see the details of the equipments in our catalogue attached. Up to date, we have completed a number of projects for our domestic and international customers. Furthermore, below are the video links showing our medical waste sterilization systems in operation at our customer sites.

Hospital Types:


Pre- Shredding:

Our autoclaves meet with international quality standards with European standards, and we work with internationally well-known certification agencies such as Bureau Veritas, TUV, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers to certify our autoclaves. With our autoclaves, we are able to offer the following certifications and standards:

- Pressured Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)

- ASME SEC VII D.1. / CE /  EN 13485 - Any other certificates that may be required by other authorities



Pre-shredded System  for clinics&medium and large hospitals)

*AKR100L – Special Design for Philippines


Pre-shredded System for centralized collecting plants)




Post-shredded systems for centralized collecting plants