Akar is an ISO 9001 certified company. We are continually improving our quality standards throughout our value chain. Our products are manufactured with high-quality standards. We offer CE certificates with our products as well as any specific certificates our clients may request. To manufacture critical parts and machines, we maintain highly-qualified staff with superior skills. With our in-house advanced technology equipment and procedures, we follow strict quality control processes to meet our customers’ requirements.

Below are our main principles in manufacturing high-quality products:

- Close interaction with customers to determine their needs with our customer-centric approach
- Work with best-in-class suppliers
- Maintain a team-work environment
- Consider quality standards as dynamic and always needing to be improved
- Guarantee the performance of the products with continuing after-sale support
- Consider Human Resources as the greatest asset of the organization

We use advanced software tools to design our autoclaves. Strict quality control procedures are applied throughout the manufacturing process to reach the highest quality standards.

We follow international quality standards and are able to build our autoclaves with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED), ASME, GOST-R or any other certification required by country/local authorities around the world. We work with internationally well-know certification agencies including Bureau Veritas, TUV, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers etc. offering the following standards: