Production Infrastructure

Different sizes machine parts is able to be processed with high precision by our specialized technical personnel in our machine and bench park. Our company having significant machine manufacture capacity on a yearly basis executes welding, processing and assembly operations, which are three main activities of machine manufacture process as below;

Processing and assembly operations are made in our parent factory (Akar 2). In addition to our in-house capacity, we are also constantly working with our sub-suppliers, who are able to make welding operations in the standard of Akar. In our welding shop, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials are able to be welded and following welding methods are used.

- Shielded carbon electrode welding Linear and circular Sections by using Robot Welding Stations.)
- Arc Welding (MIG and MAG Welding)
- TIG Welding (Tungsten inert-gas Welding)
- Electric arc welding

Welded manufacture operations of metal parts from 3 mm to 180 mm based on approved and certified PQRI by internationally recognized certification bodies such as Brueau Veritas, TUV, Hartfort Steam Boilers. Welding process is followed in accordance with the standards by preparing PQR and WPSs required for different material and source management.

Our company has certificates of ASME (S and U), GOST, DIN EN ISO 3834, DIN EN 15085-2, EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485-2012. In our team, we have Welding engineers and Welding Supervisors. Our autoclaves are produced in our factory on condition that foreign suppliers at the limited rates will be used. Our flexible manufacture system having developed equipment enables to produce high safety and advanced quality autoclaves in such a way that they will meet short-term deliver programs.

Manufacture operation occurs inclusive of surveillance and control of technical personnel at every stage by experienced labour force. In the manufacture of autoclaves, high quality materials and equipments are used. Sections, which have critical importance such as bayonet closure, are processed in our stress relieving oven included in our company. All steel constructions are processed to sandblasting operation for being long-life autoclaves.